Network Analysis Field Hockey World Cup 2014


I have just finish coding some of the field hockey games in the World Cup Rabobank this year (2014). As my dissertation is on field hockey and I have this interest at looking at this NETWORK ANALYSIS That i have come across from Chris Fry wordpress Check it out here ( where you can find links to understand more on Social Network Analysis (SNA).

Seeing how he had implemented it in field hockey makes it interesting to know what are the big teams doing in their games. Australia has been the target to look in through as their are the crown champion for the 2014. Below is the network diagram showing the volume of each player from Australia Passing and receiving to other teammates. One of my concern was how to show the different between the position of the player. Although they are group to their respective position by outlining it through different colour would visually stand out better.

I have uploaded a few different sets of presentation showing the effectiveness between the two separated by colours and a whole one colour.

aus vs arg 13:6:2014 1

aus vs arg 13:6:2014 3


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